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Review of Cornupia's Services:

There is a wide range of professional services that the client must have available in the setting up, initiation, and operation of an offshore company. Cornupia has a complete range of these services available to its clients: either in-house, or available through its worldwide network of associated professionals.

For details of these services, please refer to the table following, and click on the areas where you would like to get a more detailed explanation.

Instant availability of offshore companies
Company formation services for all major jurisdictions

Full range of corporation administration and corporate secretarial services

Company communications services
Accounting and audit services

Trust and tax services

Liquidation services

International advisers

Patents, Trademark, and Ship Registration services

Other professional services
Eastern Europe Business Development Services

Web site design, developing and hosting

Instant availability of offshore companies

Cornupia can offer you off-the-shelf companies, i.e. companies that already are in existence, for a range of offshore countries. These companies are already formed and come complete with a name. These already formed companies do not have any operational history.

If you don't like the available company names, or if you have a name that is necessary for you to use and you need to start offshore company operations fast, you can buy one of our off-the-shelf companies and simply go through a name change procedure which will not take very long.

Cornupia will work you through all of the information that is required to be submitted by you at the time of company formation (or change of company ownership) for the particular jurisdiction chosen for your offshore operations, and ensure that all required information is completed by you or acceptably scheduled to be completed by you.

The standard company kit includes the following items, where each item incorporates the name of the company: Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association. We can also provide you with a Company Register, Share Certificates, Corporate Seal, letter heads and other requests.

Company formation services for all major jurisdictions

Cornupia will rapidly form a new company for you in any one of a very wide range of jurisdictions, which includes the following countries:

Antigua Bahamas Barbados Bermuda
British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Cook Islands
Eire (Republic of
Guernsey Hong Kong Isle of Man Jersey
Labuan Luxembourg Madeira Malta
Mauritius Nevis Panama Singapore
Marshall Islands
USA:Delaware, Nevada,etc. US Virgin Islands Western Samoa Vanatu

Many of these offshore jurisdictions are described in section 5 of this web site.

Full range of corporation administration and corporate secretarial services

The proper administration of a company requires a lot of professional effort, which should be attended to regularly and completely. Failure to complete corporate records on time and accurately can be embarrassing and costly. Cornupia has considerable expertise in providing all of the necessary corporate administration and company secretary functions professionally, completely and on time.

The types of important and possibly mandatory functions that must be provided in this area are as follows:

provision of registered office and registered agent in the offshore jurisdiction;

submission of name change requests;

maintenance of statutory company records;

preparation and filing of annual returns and company reports;

provision of a resident company secretary;

provision of third party professional directors;

provision of nominee shareholders;

the preparation of minutes of the board;

the preparation of board resolutions;

the preparation and submission of license fee applications;

other day to day company secretarial functions;

Company Management
  Cornupia will provide the services of registered office, corporate secretarial services, nominee directors and shareholders. The nominee shareholders will hold the shares in Trust for the beneficial owner or an offshore trust holding the interests of the beneficial owners.
Banking Services
  Cornupia will attend to maintenance and updating of all banking matters, including the opening bank accounts, acting as bank signatories and will carry out all banking instructions of the principal.
Fund Management
Cornupia will attend to:
  Disposal of funds according to instructions;
  Preparation of monthly cash statements and if funds are to remain in company's account, maximize interest income by placing funds on short term deposit.
Merger acquisition and equities.

Company communications services

Many clients require some or all of the communications and office location functions associated with their offshore company to be handled by Cornupia. Cornupia can easily, and economically handle all such matters with total dependability for the offshore client. Key items included in these communications functions include:

the provision of a London (or other location) office address;

mail forwarding and answering services;

the provision of a dedicated telephone and/or fax line listed in the client's company name, and an answering service in the company's name;

onwards transmission of fax or telephone messages, etc;

call diversion of telephone communications;

the provision of an e-mail address, and answering capabilities if required;

the provision of a temporary office location;

hosting and development of web site.

Accounting and audit services

Again, as a new offshore company may require a new level of accounting functions to be performed in an international operation, therefore it is important that the offshore company owner has readily available a full or partial set of accounting and auditing functions for his new offshore operation. Cornupia can supply all or most of such requirements, sometimes with assistance from its international network of highly dependable professional associates.

Some examples of the accounting and auditing functions that Cornupia can and does provide regularly to its international clients (either fully or with assistance from its professional associates) are:

the establishment of a company's chart of accounts and the implementation of a manual or computer based accounting system;

regular bookkeeping services;

accounts payable and accounts receivable accounting functions;

preparation or review revision of financial business plans;

regular preparation of management accounting reports;

payroll accounting functions;

sales and other tax accounting;

preparation of annual accounts for auditing and reporting;

arranging the annual (or other) audits, and full involvement;

submission of annual reports and annual audits to offshore company regulatory bodies.

Trust and tax services

Cornupia is regularly involved in complex taxation and financial trust related matters for some of its international clients. We regularly provide detailed advice on all such matters and related topics for our offshore clients often in association with our international network of attorneys, tax consultants, and accountants - to determine the most suitable plans and offshore structure to suit an individual client's requirements.

Liquidation services

Offshore companies are set up to handle international trade and other matters, and they must be operated and administered properly and professionally. So also, from time to time, offshore companies come to the end of their planned or actual life and they must be terminated professionally, equitably, and fully.

Cornupia can assist in all aspects of the closing, dissolution, striking off, and liquidation of an offshore company.

International advisers

Cornupia has an international network of well-experienced professionals to assist with the analysis, planning, structuring, and operation of an offshore company and its operations. The Cornupia international network of professionals includes: attorneys (all fields), patent attorneys, accountants (all fields), tax advisers, auditors, and business and management consultants.

Call or e-mail Cornupia and discuss your requirements and how Cornupia and its professional network can assist resolve your problems or maximize your international opportunities.

Patents, Trademark, and Ship Registration services

Cornupia, often with assistance from its international expert associates, can assist in many areas concerning patents, trademarks, international copyrights, and ship registration matters and how to effectively move operations involving these vitally important matters into significantly enhanced international operations.

Other professional services

From time to time other complex matters arise involving other the provision of other professional services with our clients where the client requests assistance from Cornupia.

Some of these areas where Cornupia has been able to directly or indirectly invaluable assistance to its clients include:

corporate taxation advice.
assistance in developing commercial agreements;

assistance in locating suppliers and manufacturers;

assistance in finding suitable joint venture partners;

assistance in setting up offshore banking operations;

assistance in setting up offshore insurance and reinsurance operations;

assistance in developing employment agreements;

Eastern Europe Business Development Services

Developing effective and profitable operations in Eastern Europe is facing many international businesses, entrepreneurs, and financial services operations for the coming years. But, as many organizations and entrepreneurs are finding out, there are many significant challenges that must be successfully overcome before a new business opportunity involving Eastern Europe can be operating successfully.

Cornupia and its Directors are involved with matters relating to commercial operations in Eastern Europe. Cornupia can advice you the major pitfalls in opening operations in Eastern Europe, and how to avoid them.

Some of the vitally important areas where Cornupia can assist with its unique Eastern Europe business development services are as follows:

Planning and start-up assistance;

Business registration services for companies setting up representative offices or for setting up 100% foreign owned operations in Eastern Europe, or for setting up Joint Ventures in Eastern Europe;

identifying, qualifying, and securing qualified and appropriate partners for Joint Ventures;

the provision of initial and ongoing interface services with regional and federal authorities;

assistance with the analysis, planning, and implementation of the optimal organization.

assistance in locating and providing qualified East European operations management support services, and company administration services for East European operations;

Web site design, developing and hosting

Cornupia Capital Ltd. can offer you an easy and cost effective way to create and run a small simple or large complicated web site. If you are in a high cost country we can help you to a substantial cost reduction for design, development or maintaining and hosting your internet site.

We can move your web existence to a low cost country and minimized tax environment. The cost will be reduced approximately 70 %. You can rely on us to take care for your web site’s development and improvement.

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