Optimal International Operations
No taxes, Maximized profit, Protection of your assets, Absolute confidentiality
Marshall Islands, Liberia or any jurisdiction in the world
Consulting, Trading, Investment,Property Holding and Intellectual Property Holding
Short and simple guide to setting up an offshore company
Instant availability of offshore companies and provision of all services you need to operate and manage them
Full assistance by relocating or restructuring your business
Detailed fee schedule of our prices and packages
Welcome to Cornupia, and thank you for your interest.
Our company, Cornupia, provides a full range of corporate services for companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs who wish to streamline and significantly cost reduce their international operations, protect their assets, manage intellectual property etc.

We are well known among our clients (and their associates) working in many industries around the world for providing quality corporate services.

Virtual Office
Our new offer is specifically aimed to those who have decided to purchase property and wish to save themselves considerable amount of money...
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